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Model reduction is an efficient means to enable system-level simulation.

The goal of this site is to promote the use of model reduction in industry to obtain compact models directly from finite element models. In a way, model order reduction offers a direct link between ANSYS and system level simulation software like ANSYS Simplorer.

The site content is biased toward my personal work although references to key books, theses, papers and links to other groups are also included.

Model reduction is the same as model order reduction. Yet, it is different from compact modeling and reduced-order modeling. Quick overview can be found in: Thermal and Mechanical System Simulation.


Model Reduction describes different approaches for model reduction, the most attention being paid to implicit moment matching.

Applications present examples from thermal, structural, piezoelectric, thermomechanical, electromechanical and acoustic finite element models.

Software describes software Model Reduction inside ANSYS.

Publications in reverse chronological order.

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